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The Production Technology Center is a centralized hub for customers to access the latest technologies for automation, cycle time reduction, unmanned operation, and total process monitoring and control. Schedule a visit today to see in-person how digital technologies from Caron Engineering, Wolfram Manufacturing, and other partners have resulted in 24/7 production with little to no machine operator intervention or attendance.

Training for Caron Products, OnTakt, and Inspection

The Production Technology Center is a fully functional production machine shop that utilizes the digital technologies that we sell, in a production environment, every single day. Our training programs get you and your team hands-on training in the actual environment you will use these digital tools back at your own facilities. Our training courses mix both classroom style training with hands on training, on machines, while running production. Contact us to schedule training for Caron Engineering products as well as Wolfram’s OnTakt production management and machine monitoring software.

Caron Production Technology Center Training Wolfram

Advanced Production CNC Machining

Wolfram CNC Machining Production Technology Center

Wolfram Manufacturing is an extremely versatile machine shop that specializes in medium to high volume production. With a visit you’ll see how we integrate digital technologies to manufacture parts from start to finish. We can produce parts up to 24” in diameter, 60” in length and 500 lbs. Because accuracy is a key part of machining, our typical tolerances are down to +/- 0.001” and we regularly support special features down to +/- 0.0001”. Schedule a visit to the Production Technology Center to see hoe these capabilities are possible due to the integration of digital technologies and automation.

OnTakt production management and machine monitoring

OnTakt is a production management and machine monitoring software that we at Wolfram built in-house from the ground up. We built OnTakt because we didn’t feel there was a software available on the market to meet the needs of small and medium sized shops. OnTakt is a lightweight software that is easy to implement for the smallest of shops but robust enough to manage production and monitor machines of the largest shops, WITHOUT a complete digital transformation or your operations. Visit the Production Technology Center today to see how OnTakt is the glue that connects digital technologies in a production environment.

OnTakt Production Management Machine Monitoring Wolfram

Automation integration for lights out manufacturing

Wolfram Robotic CNC Machine Tending

When most people think of automation they think of robots. But, robots aren’t the only tool available when thinking about adding automation to gain productivity. There are a variety of additional tools, often available with lower capital investments, that can help you add profitability to your bottom line. With a visit to the Production Technology Center we will show you how these digital technologies work together to enable true lights out production.