CNC Machining Services & Capabilities

Wolfram Manufacturing is an extremely versatile machine shop that specializes in medium to high volume production. Our engineers manufacture your parts from start to finish, including material sourcing, machining, specialty coating, and specialized packaging. We are capable of producing parts up to 24” in diameter, 60” in length and 500 lbs. Because accuracy is a key part of machining, our typical tolerances are down to +/- 0.001” and we regularly support special features down to +/- 0.0001”. These tight tolerances allow us to provide for all of your CNC machining needs. Our precision machining capabilities include deep hole gun drilling and 5-axis milling, in addition to standard machining operations such as turning. Wolfram Manufacturing has experience with engraving both simple and complex custom designs, and is capable of engraving your part with an end product logo or markings for serialized traceability. Further, we partner with the best vendors and tool manufacturers in the business to best serve you.

We work with a variety of materials including but not limited to –

  • Alloy steels: 4130, 4140
  • Cast Iron: Dura-Bar – G2, G2A, G2P
  • Carbon steels: 1018, 1026, 1045, 8620
  • Stainless steel and nickel alloys: 304, 316, 410, 416, 17-4, 13 chrome, Nitronic 50 and 60, Inconel 625 and 718, Duplex 2205
  • Aluminum alloys: 6061, 7175

Flexible Machining Cells

Wolfram Manufacturing has met customers’ production needs consistently through the use of highly flexible machining cells. This process is based on a single piece work flow that includes all machining, turning, milling, de-burring, and inspection of each part to ensure quality and consistency. In addition we standardize tooling, as much as possible to reduce time between jobs. We are able to produce anywhere from one part to hundreds per run. To learn more, please read our case studies & testimonials.


Our shop is equipped with 1,000 PSI high pressure, through-spindle coolant to allow the use of modern high performance drills. This helps reduce lead times for drilling intensive parts, and can increase quality significantly. We are capable of deep hole gun drilling, and have successfully run parts with drills up to 100x diameter. The photo to the right shows a previous part that has been milled open to demonstrate the gun drilling we have performed in the past. This part also demonstrates our capabilities in cross-holes, port work, reaming, burnishing, high surface finish call out, tight tolerance, and in-process deburring.

Multi-Axis Milling

Milling is the process of cutting metal with a rotating tool. As seen in our gallery, we have provided 3-axis milling, 4-axis milling, 5-axis milling, and horizontal milling, services to our customers consistently in the past. Our flexibility in milling gives us an edge over the competition and gives you an edge over your competition. Our processes are capable of reliably producing tight tolerance parts at a rate faster than other machine shops. We also employ advanced cutting tool paths to increase efficiency in difficult to machine materials and decrease cutting tool costs. Ultimately, this increases quality, decreases lead times, and saves you money.