Find out how other manufacturers are finding success with Data Driven Production that leverage advanced technologies to solve unique manufacturing challenges. Check out the videos below to learn how production management solutions from Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies can reduce manufacturing costs.

Save Time Troubleshooting

In part 3 of our video series we show you how the direct integration of our OnTakt production monitoring software, combined with TMAC from Caron Engineering, reduces the time it takes to gather information and make smart decisions on the shop floor.

Leverage OnTakt to Calculate Your TMAC ROI

This is video Part 2 of 3 of showing how OnTakt works hand-in-hand with TMAC from Caron Engineering to make your machining processes more efficient by reducing the need for operators standing at your machines for them to run continuously.

Save $2000 per month PER MACHINE

In this Part 1 of 3 video you will see how pairing OnTakt with TMAC from Caron Engineering can easily save you over $2000 per month PER MACHINE in consumable tooling costs.

Use Machine Data to Justify Robotics

In this video you’ll learn how to use our OnTakt production monitoring software to analyze your machine data and justify the additional of robotics or automation to your CNC machining process.

Videos From MTDCNC and Tony Gunn

With as Tony Gunn from MTDCNC dives into advanced technologies from Wolfram Manufacturing and Caron Engineering.

Tony Gunn Talks OnTakt at Shot Show

Tony Gunn of MTDCNC and Nathan Byman of Wolfram Manufacturing discuss advanced technology that targets machine monitoring, production management, and automation as well as key partnerships with companies like Caron Engineering.

Tony Gunn Discusses TMAC at Wolfram Manufacturing

Tony and Nathan Byman from Wolfram Manufacturing shows the value of using the TMAC Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control System from Caron Engineering. TMAC uses high-resolution sensor data to measure tool wear in real-time and maximizes your investment in the entire machining process through optimization and the elimination of downtime, resulting in more profitability.

Does your machine shop run at maximum efficiency? Do you know how your machines and tooling are performing? If the answer is no or you’re not sure you need to talk to Nathan Byman at Wolfram Manufacturing. Tony Gunn sits down with Nathan to learn how production monitoring with OnTakt works.

Rob Caron talks DTect-It with Tony Gunn

Rob Caron from Caron Engineering talks with Tony Gunn at Wolfram Manufacturing about how Wolfram is using the DTect-IT CNC Sensor Analysis System on their bar feeders. DTect-IT combines high-precision sensor technology with advanced analysis capability to detect, in this case, vibration caused by bar whip and corrects anomalies occurring in the machining process preventing scrapped parts & reduced tool life.

Videos From Caron Engineering and Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies

Learn how Wolfram Manufacturing both uses and integrates smart manufacturing solutions from Caron Engineering for our customers.

See how Wolfram Manufacturing is using the RFID ToolConnect System to reduce setup time and eliminate error by automating the process of loading CNC tools into the machine. Wolfram has implemented ToolConnect on their Fanuc Robodrill with tools preset at an Omega Presetter. See this and other smart manufacturing solutions on-site at the Wolfram and Caron Engineering Texas Production Technology Center.