Manufacturing for the Future

Wolfram Manufacturing runs what is best described as a production technology lab, which is both a working machine shop and a technology consulting firm helping OEM’s with tools like adaptive machining. Wolfram Manufacturing, at its founding in 2011, was an extremely versatile machine shop that specialized in medium to high volume production of metal parts. Wolfram focused on using the best technology manufacturing had to offer and appealing to the next generation of makers. Still operating a full production shop, Wolfram has expanded to offer consulting, training, and distribution of 3rd party hardware + software solutions to help their customers reach the next level. Wolfram Manufacturing exists as a place where ideas, innovation, and practical application come together to make the manufacturing world better.

Located strategically in the great state of Texas, Wolfram has established presence in both Austin and Houston. With a primary facility in Northeast Austin (at the corner of Highway 290 and 183) Wolfram capitalizes off of the city’s rich engineering talent and eclectic workforce, while also drawing from the precision CNC machining talent in the heart of Houston.

Our Core Values

  • Safety – Maintaining a clean and safe environment for both employees and customers.
  • Integrity – Honoring our agreements and being loyal to partners.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy in quoting, manufacturing, and record keeping.
  • Innovation – Striving for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.

Nathan Byman

Katherine Satterwhite
Operations Manager

Tim Urano
Quality Manager

Lars Remsen
Engineering Manager

Chris Swaim
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Andrew Aguilar
Technical Product Manager

Manuel Schafer
Senior Sales Manager


Andy Castille
Software Architect

Jay Clark
Software Product Manager

Aaron Davis
Senior Software Engineer

Amanda McGuckin Hager

Jenna Roe
Executive Assistant

Jordan Capola
Engineering Technician

Eric Miller
Caron Technician

Ryan Machus
Manufacturing Technician

Harley Pruett
Manufacturing Supervisor

James Hush
Lead Manufacturing Specialist

Chiron Mancini
Lead Manufacturing Specialist

Brittany Parette
Manufacturing Specialist

Nic Stasolla
Manufacturing Specialist

Stephen Janus
Manufacturing Specialist

Ishaan Haldar
Manufacturing Specialist

Dale Ekdahl
Manufacturing Specialist

Christopher Vernier
Manufacturing Specialist

Lukus Clark
Manufacturing Specialist

Pablo Arellano
Manufacturing Assistant

Jeff Davis
Special Projects

Chief Cuddles Officer


Wolfram’s mission is to share our vision with the manufacturing industry. Wolfram focuses on developing and integrating manufacturing technologies in a visionary machine shop to create robust processes that make manufacturing safe, reliable, and competitive.


Wolfram distributes and integrates smart manufacturing solutions from Caron Engineering that reduce cycle times, promote unattended operation, reduce tooling costs, and minimize damage.


Wolfram started as a versatile machine shop that specializes in medium to high volume production. We continue to implement the newest manufacturing technologies in our own shop, everyday.


Wolfram develops software to extract data from your equipment and to make real-time decisions to make your shop as productive and profitable as possible.


Although we price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


We take a part or family and produce it for a period of time to streamline the process. We will design, operate, and hone the production process. The end product is a process that can be transported to a location of your choice maintaining the designed performance level.


We distribute, support, and provide applications for the tools needed to allow your process to adapt to variations in real time. These adaptions are based on dimensions, tool wear in cut, or unexpected events. We support the whole line of Caron Engineering products which are the most advanced and highest performing in this field.


Wolfram Manufacturing, at its founding in 2011, was an extremely versatile machine shop that specialized in medium to high volume production of metal parts. We continue to manufacture parts day in and day out for a variety of customers who prioritize receiving good parts on time.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.