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Join us for the exclusive GRAND OPENING of the Wolfram Manufacturing and Caron Engineering Production Technology Center on Thursday April 21, 2022.
MORNING SESSION: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Lunch will be available from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

*Registration is limited per session.

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OnTakt Wolfram Manufacturing

Learn more about our new production management and machine monitoring software, OnTakt. OnTakt is a lightweight software that is easy to implement for the smallest of shops but robust enough to manage production and monitor machines of the largest shops, WITHOUT a complete digital transformation or your operations.

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OnTakt Production Management Machine Monitoring Wolfram
TMAC Tool Monitoring and Adaptive Control Wolfram
Caron Engineering ToolConnect Wolfram

Wolfram Manufacturing is a Certified Integrator for the suite of products from Caron Engineering.

Wolfram has built a unique concept that takes advantage of both the modern workforce and modern equipment to support manufacturing in the United States, and Caron Engineering is a key part of that vision. Our team has been working with Caron Engineering since before Wolfram was formed and knew integration was essential for success.

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Advanced Production CNC Machining

Wolfram Manufacturing is a versatile machine shop that specializes in medium to high volume production. We can produce parts up to 24” in diameter, 60” in length and 500 lbs. Because accuracy is a key part of machining, our typical tolerances are down to +/- 0.001” and we regularly support special features down to +/- 0.0001”. Visit to the Production Technology Center to see how these capabilities are possible due to the integration of digital technologies and automation.

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Wolfram CNC Machining Production Technology Center