Do you feel like you could learn more about TMAC to better run the machines, but don’t have the ability to send someone to a training class? Do you want to do more with less? With the way the economy is currently going, Wolfram understands this. To help combat current economics, Wolfram will be offering individual one- on-one remote training. This allows you to keep costs to a minimum while still getting world class training for machine operators, programmers, and managers.

The training that will be offered isn’t your run of the mill PowerPoint or WebEx meeting. This training is customized to your individual needs and on-machine portions of it can be hosted from Wolframs machines. Wolfram can also configure your machines so that training can be done directly on your equipment if you prefer. The training will be based on our in-house experts knowledge as well as the library of training material that has been created by Wolfram.

Available courses for remote training:

TMAC User Introduction

  • TMAC Navigator & Viewer
  • Alarm Handling

TMAC Programming

  • Program Modification Introduction

TMAC Job Setup

  • Initial Job Setup & Adaptive Control


  • Introduction to Basic Routing Setup

Benefits of remote training:

  • No travel costs
  • Learn on your own shop machines
  • Implement new knowledge in the same day

Call or Email for a quote

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