Wolfram’s mission is to share our vision of manufacturing with the market. Our training is based on experience and passion for continuous improvement. We are pleased to present regularly scheduled training opportunities to support all levels of Caron Engineering and Wolfram Supported products. In addition to these scheduled courses, Wolfram provides individualized and dedicated sessions either in Austin or at your facility.

  • TMAC
  • ToolConnect
  • AutoComp
  • DTect-It
  • Smart Light
  • OnTakt
  • Inspection

Training Courses are broken into three levels:

Classes in the 100 series are designed for the day to day operator of these systems, providing basic understanding, adjustment, and recovery.
Classes in the 200 series are designed for team members that will regularly setup new jobs or do optimization and improvement on existing jobs.
Classes in the 300 series are designed for the highest level of interaction where reconfiguration of systems are required, or very advanced functionality is being deployed.

Why is Wolfram the Right Company?

Wolfram Tim
  • We developed this offering in our own shop and we continue to improve upon it.
  • We are independent of tooling, machine, or technology vendors.
  • Our interest is in making you and your process successful so we have more opportunities to do 
so in the future.
  • We have created a culture that you can take advantage of where excellent engineers are 
empowered to do excellent things.

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