“Thanks for your innovation. You are living up to your reputation.”

Owner, Esco Inc. July 2019

“Thank you for all your efforts, it’s really appreciated. You helped to make this an easy and really smooth transaction. Very professional and stand up. Thank you and everybody involved getting this done.”

Production Manager. Houston, TX.

“Whoever ran these parts is a stud. They are the most consistent set of parts I have ever checked!”

Quality Inspector, Houston, TX.

Case Studies

Short Run Production

Wolfram Manufacturing’s strength in short run production (5-200 pieces) makes our customers more competitive. Wolfram’s support of a leading manufacturer of gate valves manufactured entirely in the USA is one example. The high demand for their semi-custom products and the competitive nature of the market means very short lead times with large fluctuations in volume. Taken together these challenges make them the perfect customer for Wolfram Manufacturing. Overnight orders are a regular occurrence to allow our customer to go the extra mile for theirs.

In just over a year, Wolfram was able to learn the majority of our customer’s product line and make procedures for them. Within 4 months Wolfram increased production by 100%. After learning their product line, Wolfram’s General Manager worked with the customer’s planning department to anticipate needs based on their scheduled work. With extensive documentation and process control, Wolfram is able to expedite set-ups and respond quickly as the customer needs. The single piece flow process allows Wolfram to make partial deliveries upon request and turn around work in as little as a day.

  • Quality: Inspection documents provided with every order
  • Tolerances: +/- .0025”; Typically 20-30 Overall Dimensions
  • Delivery: 99% OTD
  • Pricing: Competitive with in-house production
  • Quality: Zero Customer Returns
  • Tightest Tolerances: +/- .0025”; 35 Overall Dimensions
  • Delivery: 100% OTD based on promised due dates
  • Pricing: 15% lower pricing than previous vendor

Volume on Demand

At Wolfram Manufacturing we use mature project planning and execution to meet any customer challenge. One such challenge involved a customer with a strong product line and in house production capabilities that was looking for a 5x increase in production capacity, a decrease in material consumption, and reduced lead times on their parts. Wolfram was able to keep pace with the customers ability to procure material and in 3 months their dream was a reality. Wolfram has produced roughly 10,000 of the parts made from Durabar Cast Iron to date. Our current steady capacity for these parts is about 6,000 per month with surge production easily over 10,000.

By working closely with purchasing we’ve been able to time our deliveries to our customer’s needs and increase production from 300 units per week to 1,500 units per week on average. Communication with Quality & Engineering departments have made this part so stable that Wolfram was the first supplier this customer chose to start a reduced internal inspection program. To achieve the steady state run rate many tools were deployed – thoughtful process design, active machine in-cut monitoring, robotic machine tending, and statistical automated machine offsetting. To make sure the capacity was reliable and available in a surge we tooled up to make sure the part can run on 2 additional machines not in the cell – and all 3 of them concurrently when needed. This gives us the flexibility to increase production to 2,500 per week, about 10,000 per month but also achieve truly exceptional accuracy to our customer need dates.

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“From Prototype to Production”