Technology at Wolfram

Single Piece Flow and Single Setup Machining are overarching goals in process design through machining, inspection, and deburr. This approach naturally optimizes personnel and equipment for throughput.

Listed below are technologies and processes honed in our internal manufacturing operations.

Programming and Simulation

  • Modern tool strategy
  • Modern machine strategy
  • Full simulation of machine, setup, and tooling
  • 3D printed full size plastic part for inspection and machine setup
  • Optimized toolpaths via specialized software
  • Deburr machine paths
  • EDM reduction
  • Gundrill reduction
  • Work holding design


  • Tool/machine system harmonic analysis
  • Tool vibration analysis
  • Tool life optimization and cost analysis
  • Tool tracking and changing spreadsheets
  • Microscope tool analysis

Closed Loop Machining or Dim Light Manufacturing

  • Automatic tool setting in machine
  • Adaptive control to enhance reliability / reduce time
  • Tool breakage detection in cut
  • Dimensional auto compensation map for adjusting offsets from inspection data automatically


  • Inspection plan and input tool
  • In machine critical feature probing
  • In machine CMM arm inspection
  • Error resistant CMM programs
  • Cloud based inspection sheets with deviation notification


  • Deburr plan and visuals
  • Plastic guides to reduce risk and variation

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Part video in machine
  • Process video detailing single cycle
  • Long term process video over days
  • Industrial engineering process video analysis


  • Automation planning and implementation
  • Automation fixturing design
  • Universal Robot integration


  • “Poke a yoke” – Error resistant process by design
  • “Visual Management” – Tools to assist keeping a process under control with simple visual cues
  • “Takt Board” creation
  • “Standard Work” – Documentation standards for defining a repeatable process
  • “SMED Planning” (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) – Process for thoughtfully making setup and part exchange as fast, tool-less, and repeatable

Training and Tuning

  • Process training Tool training
  • Lean training
  • Caron tuning
  • Harmonic tuning
  • Process tuning
  • Process adaptation
  • Process auditing


  • Every mistake is an opportunity to get better. Never be satisfied with “what is”
  • Always keep your eye on “what can be” while executing with “what is”
  • Influence your world to create “what can be”


  • Deep development relationships with top technology providers