Wolfram Manufacturing

Wolfram Manufacturing runs what is best described as a production technology lab, which is both a working machine shop and a technology consulting firm helping OEM’s with tools like adaptive machining. Wolfram Manufacturing, at its founding in 2011, was an extremely versatile machine shop that specialized in medium to high volume production of metal parts. Wolfram focused on using the best technology manufacturing had to offer and appealing to the next generation of makers. Still operating a full production shop, Wolfram has expanded to offer consulting, training, and distribution of 3rd party hardware + software solutions to help their customers reach the next level. Wolfram Manufacturing exists as a place where ideas, innovation, and practical application come together to make the manufacturing world better.

Lean Manufacturing

Wolfram Manufacturing specializes in single piece work flow and lean manufacturing concepts, eliminating many of the steps in traditional multi-setup machining. This results in increased efficiency, better lead times, minimized waste, and ultimately, more value for our customers. We deliver exceptional quality, quickly on small to medium production runs of parts with complex geometries, tight tolerances and deep hole drilling. Typical sizes range from salt shaker up to fire hydrant, with length capabilities up to 5 foot on 3 inch or smaller diameter.

Wolfram’s contract machine shop provides services for those who have parts or products which need to be produced. While this service is primarily accomplished through precision metal machining and other associated processes, the highly skilled team at Wolfram has the capability to offer design, procurement, logistics, assembly, order management and fulfillment, and anything else a client would need to bring their product to market.

Pride in Our Work

By choosing Wolfram, customers can rest assured that their project is in the hands of capable professionals who will strive to ensure that their job is a success.

Our service is more than just a job. Each team member possesses a passion for innovation, and handles parts as if they were their own. We pride ourselves on clear communication in the planning phases, honest pricing and risk sharing, creative solutions, and perhaps most importantly, quality parts delivered on time.

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