Hardware specifications

Specification Minimum Recommended Notes
CPU 1.5 GHz × 2 cores 2.0 GHz × 4 cores 64-bit x86 only (32-bit x86 or ARM will not work)
Memory 4 GB 8 GB
Storage 100 GB HDD 128 GB SSD
Network interface 100 Mb/s Ethernet 1000 Mb/s Ethernet
Internet connection Not required 100 Mb/s down For downloading updates
USB ports 1 1 For installation and backups

Installation instructions

  1. Download the WolframOS ISO
  2. Use Etcher (or another ISO image writer) to write it to a USB flash drive that is at least 2GB.
    Anything else on the flash drive will be erased!
  3. Make sure the IPC is powered off.
    Unplugging it is an easy way to do this and will not hurt anything because we are about to wipe it anyway.
  4. Insert the flash drive into the IPC.
    DO NOT leave this flash drive plugged into any other PC. Rebooting a computer with this drive plugged in will erase its hard drive with very little time to stop it.
  5. Connect IPC to network and then power.
    A monitor and keyboard are optional, but the IPC must have a network connection for the OS installation to succeed.
  6. Wait about 20 minutes.
    When the installation stops, the system will shut down. If this takes longer than half an hour, connect a monitor to the IPC to see if there are any error messages. Sometimes trying the installation again can fix them.
  7. The IPC is now ready, but shut down. Remove the flash drive.
  8. Continue to first-time setup

Virtual machine installation

These instructions should also work for deployment as a virtual machine. VirtualBox has been tested and found to work. Keep in mind the necessary port forwarding settings when setting up the virtual machine.