InspectionXpert & Wolfram Manufacturing

InspectionXpert Overview

InspectionXpert Corporation was founded by mechanical engineer and software developer, Jeff Cope. Leveraging expertise in software development and deployment, InspectionXpert Corporation is able to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to customers across the globe.


With InspectionXpert as a key part of our vision, Wolfram is building a unique concept that takes advantage of both the modern workforce and modern equipment to support manufacturing in the United States. InspectionXpert software automates the inspection print ballooning process, exports measurement results, and creates customized reports to meet our customers’ requirements.


InspectionXpert Corporation is revolutionizing shopfloor quality for the 21st century. Their newest product, QualityXpert®, will change the way your company thinks about quality. We invite you to join the revolution and begin experiencing the following benefits of cloud-based quality management today;

  • Instant visibility into your manufacturing and inspection data, real-time alerts, reports and notifications.
  • Integrated Inspection and SPC, Gage Management, and Process Control for the shop floor.
  • Visual Work Instructions and results entry all in one easy to use platform.
  • Control visibility of required inspection features by operation, type, frequency and limit.
  • Effortless, professional and customizable reports, charts and user interface.

Watch this 3 minute video to see how QualityXpert has revolutionized one of their customer’s quality processes.