Caron Engineering and Wolfram Manufacturing are pleased to announce their new Production Technology Center will open in the spring of 2022. The Tech Center at Wolfram’s Austin, Texas location will offer a unique experience for potential and existing customers to see the results of implementing smart manufacturing systems as applied to real-world production.

Wolfram Manufacturing, a systems integrator for Caron Engineering products since 2015, has focused its business model on using the best technology manufacturing has to offer and creating an environment that appeals to the next generation of the manufacturing workforce. Wolfram is a production machine shop that has integrated Caron Engineering technology to automate and optimize productivity on all their manufacturing cells.

The focus of this production technology center will be to provide a centralized hub for customers to access the latest technologies for automation, cycle time reduction, unmanned operation, and total process monitoring and control for tool loading, offset adjustment, and more. Most notably the customer will see how the implementation of digital technologies has resulted in 24/7 production with little to no machine operator intervention or attendance.

Wolfram Manufacturing Caron Engineering Production Technology Center

Some of the technology center highlights will include:

  • A full production environment with thousands of hours of cutting time across CNCs, including mill-turns, lathes, mills, EDMs, broaches, and Swiss machines.
  • Caron Engineering products enabling fully automated production machining.
  • Integration of Caron products with other technologies enhancing production management.
  • Training programs for the Caron product line of smart manufacturing technology.
  • Actionable use cases to improve ROI in any production environment.

Caron Engineering and Wolfram Manufacturing are planning an official grand opening event in the spring of 2022.

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